Tips For A Great Body

Do you want to:

  • Lose 15-80 lbs or more effortlessly?
  • Create your best body?
  • Cleanse your body with a total natural detoxifier so that your cells can function at their optimal levels?
  • Build lean muscle mass and drop down 2 or more dress sizes?
  • Feel positive energy all day?
  • Remove dark, baggy circles under the eyes?
  • Replace wrinkles with smooth, satiny Vitamin C nourished skin?
  • Look 10-20 years younger( no matter your age):?
  • Live each day inspired with meaning and purpose?

Then you are at the right place at the right time.

Losing weight at 50 is much more complicated than losing weight at 20. The danger with the mature woman is that losing muscle mass can jeopardize her chances of looking young and feeling strong. In an overall attempt to lose as much weight as possible, an older woman can lose too much weight and muscle as well. This leads directly to an emaciated, unflattering “scrawny old woman” look. Getting rid of fat is important, but this fat reduction must be achieved without losing muscle tone and tissue as well.

Attaining the best body must come with the best nutrition.

How can this be done?

Simply by making sure that you are getting enough protein in your daily diet—even as you are cutting back on calories. That’s right—more protein and fewer calories. If you rely on meat sources for your daily protein requirement, you will be consuming more than 2000 calories a day. That’s because the protein sources in meat come hand in hand with fat.

So what can we do to ensure adequate protein without extra calories or subscribing to the low-carb craze? How do we eat enough protein and carbohydrates without exceeding the caloric requirements of our metabolic rate?

There is an answer

Protein from Phytonutrients – Soy Protein – which has everything we need in protein, but is also low in calories and fat. The Shape Works Program, devised by Dr. David Heber, founder and director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition—provides you with everything you need in a well-balanced diet —sufficient protein, complex carbohydrates, omega fatty 3 acids, phytonutrients and micro nutrients to ensure that you build lean body mass that help your body burn fat, release energy and maximize inch loss.

Protein—and only protein— keeps the body youthful and firm. What increases exponentially the effects of protein is Exercise. Your body can only lose so much in pounds and inches without exercise. Add regular workouts and your body will become shaped and toned. Exercise literally sculpts the body. Why?

Exercise helps your body release nitric oxide, the messenger molecules that bring oxygen and blood into your tissues and cells facilitate the metabolic processes of your body so that your muscles burn fat more efficiently. Imagine more oxygen with every breath—which means more metabolic processes, more fat burned up, more water discarded, more energy released. We will be focusing more on exercises, especially ways that you can literally re-shape your body with regular workouts.

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