Top Lifestyle Changes To Naturally Get Rid Of Chronic Inflammation

Obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and depression. These are some of the main diseases today that we dread the most of. As adults, we try our best to stay in shape so as not to affect our daily routine. But is it really that important to stay on top of your health?

Well, the answer is, of course!

According to many scientists, these major diseases are actually caused by one main culprit – and that is chronic inflammation. And if you are serious about staying healthy, fit, and energetic, you might want to take some action on your health starting today.

Generally, inflammation happens when your body is trying to protect itself from certain pathogens like bacteria, virus or parasites. When these pathogens invade your system, the inflammatory response helps send fighting cells to eliminate these invaders that can cause you to get sick. However, chronic inflammation is different from that positive reaction.

When your immune system goes haywire and chronic inflammation has been going on, your body is in this state of constant war. This means, your own body is attacking healthy cells and tissues, and your metabolic responses will start to slow down. This implies you can potentially get sicker, gain weight, and possibly damage your body organs if this situation is left untreated.

To truly beat the battle against chronic inflammation, you will have to change your lifestyle completely. Most nutritionists, health specialists and physicians will agree with that. Here are some of the steps you can take to finally get the healthy body you deserve:

Limit The Use of Over-The-Counter Medications

Have you tried releasing an upset stomach while taking some anti-bacterial medications? Antacids, NSAIDS and antibiotics are medications that can alter the healthy flora of your gut. This is the reason why most health enthusiast will always hesitate to drink medications for minor illnesses like cough, colds and flu.

When the microbiome of your gut is disturbed by these medications, you damage its equilibrium and cause inflammation that can weaken your intestinal walls. When this happens, your body releases toxins and the immune response is triggered – leading to body-wide, chronic inflammation.

Choose an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

This means you need to get rid of most sugars, carbohydrates, and processed food. Sudden glucose spikes are not normal in the body. When this happens, inflammation begins at a cellular level that goes unnoticed. One way of addressing chronic inflammation is a common spice that has also healthy properties not everyone knows about..

Taking the right turmeric curcumin dosage can immediately help with pain, chronic or temporary. It is also an effective and natural inflammation fighter. Though turmeric uses and side effects vary from person to person, it is very safe and natural way to address inflammation, as curcumin has been used safely in Asia for hundreds of years.

Be Active

Even if you are not overweight, get on an exercise routine that will help you stay active and focused. Always try to include some kind of physical activity every day. Regardless of what your BMI is, individuals who exercised at least 2 hours per week have lower markers of inflammation.

Live In A Less Toxic Environment

Notice how groups of people who live in an unfavorable environment tends to have a higher rate of sick individuals? Environmental toxins can also spark chronic inflammation. Try to live in an environment where there’s fresh air, less pollution and less allergens.

Cleaning your house regularly and installing an air filter can also help for those individuals who are highly allergic on dusts pollen.

Sleep Better

Getting less sleep every day can trigger pro-inflammatory enzymes. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night to ensure that your body gets the rejuvenation it requires for optimal health. Cell repair is at its prime when you are sleeping.

For every working individual, getting sick is perhaps one of the most dreadful events that can happen. As we go on with our daily lives, it’s important to never neglect our health so that we don’t have to face the tough consequences later on in life. By keeping a healthy lifestyle, you live and enjoy more of everything.